High-Quality Supplements for Dogs and Cats Provide a Variety of Benefits

Pet owners who feed their animals high-quality food probably don’t want to give them nutritional supplements with a lot of filler or artificial ingredients. Instead, they can choose a brand such as NuVet, a company that uses human-grade components and only includes natural ingredients. The products taste so good to dogs and cats that owners can feed these supplements as treats. Interested consumers may read about Nuvet here and learn more about this particular organization and its products.

When perusing the label for the NuVet Plus for dogs and cats, for instance, a person will feel reassured to see the list of ingredients doesn’t contain corn syrup or corn starch, which essentially are sugars. There are no artificial colors, which some manufacturers use mainly for the appeal to humans. Dogs and cats don’t care what color their treats are; they mainly care that the flavor is appealing.

What will be on the label is a list of vitamins along with a handful of minerals that are especially important for canine and feline critters, including magnesium, potassium and zinc. Amino acids are included to make sure the animals get all the essential building blocks of protein they need for optimum health. Herbal substances also are added for their various benefits. The label reader can expect to see blue-green algae, evening primrose oil, papain and pine bark. Each component of the supplement is included for its own specific advantages. Papain, for instance, comes from papayas, and is recognized as a powerful digestive enzyme.

Well-chosen supplements can improve a pet’s quality of life in numerous ways because they add extra nutrition as well as substances with specific benefits to the animal’s diet. These reasons are the same ones people have when choosing to buy multivitamin or herbal products for themselves or their youngsters. Some of those items are intended for certain advantages that research supports. For example, in addition to a general wellness supplement, many older people choose to take a supplement of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine for improving joint comfort and flexibility. Many veterinarians also recommend providing these substances to dogs and cats for the same effects.

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