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Online Publishing for Black Canadians Why an online magazine focused on blacks in Canada? Even before the arrival of the internet, Smartphone and tablet devices, this questions has already been asked and it is a tricky question to answer. Magazines have never been static entities, and the history of magazines is basically the story of how the magazine format has been reinvented time and time again to serve different readers at different points in time. Today is the age of gadgets and social media, and today the idea of a magazine is returning to its storehouse roots. Like a physical magazine, an online magazine also represents the idea of a bunch of content or information gathered together as one package, but now content that is related to these are placed somewhere that they can easily get. This means that a magazine is just actually the structure from which hang various items of interest, and if you follow through it will take you on a journey that is interesting to you. Magazines are similar in some respects to blogs and online newspapers but they are distinguished by its approach to editorial control. Magazines typically have editors or editorial boards who review submissions and perform a quality control function to ensure that all material meets the expectations of the publishers. Because it serves a particular niche with a peculiar culture, magazines have remained to be popular even without changing any of their methods. And the reason why some publishers are more popular than others is that they have defined or created their target or their niche market. We use the phrase creating a niche market because finding a niche seem to imply that something is hidden and one has to somehow look for the readymade market. This is not the case. Creating a niche is using your distinctiveness to focus your business, corner your market and make customers seek you out. Good niches don’t just fall into your laps, they must be carefully crafted.
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A publisher and a columnist who share their thoughts and personal opinions on various topics of interest affecting the black community is what it takes to know the black perspective. Although the black community in Canada seems to be an invisible community, you can see that it is actually quite strong with the circulation and penetration of black press. With the invisibility of African issues in white mainstream press, the black community was forced to carry out its own publishing needs. We see this in the continuous emergence of weekly and monthly publications by the community’s press organizations.
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And with the power to go online, many general interest online magazines provides that black community in Canada can have an access to all aspects of their interest.

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Guidelines on Selecting a Good Preschool for One’s Child Opting for a preschool for one’s child is not as hard as applying for a college degree and the key to choosing the right preschool for one’s child is in going into the process prepared that is prepared with a solid idea of what they want the child to gain from his or her preschool experience. The foremost thing in selecting a preschool is think about the basics such as if it is important that the school be near the home, the preschool has to be near the workplace, the preschool offers childcare services in the morning, afternoon or at both times and the question as to whether they are eligible for subsidized preschool programs and if they are interested in them because they offer childcare programs with a focus on giving educational opportunities. The next move is to be familiar with the standard terms concerning what they mean and how these words can help the person choose a preschool but it is good to remember that the main difference between settings is related to the education philosophy of the school and whereas educational philosophies are many and their definitions are not cast in stone. The Montessori method has a key focus on maintaining the uniqueness of each child in the learning process and this system believes that each child learns at their own pace and educational progress should not be gauged by comparing students one to another whereas the Reggio Emilia method focuses on giving opportunities for problem-solving via creative thinking and exploration. The Waldorf approach places emphasis on imagination in learning and giving opportunities the chance to explore the world through their senses, analytical thought and participation whereas the bank street approach puts an emphasis on learning through many perspectives both in the classroom and in the natural world. The High approach places emphasis on letting the child be in charge of their own learning and children are taught how to make a plan for what they would like to do each day and they are involved in the review session so as to discuss the success of their plan and brainstorm for the next day. Besides these formal education principles knowing the difference between other regular early childhood terms which will aid the parent or guardian to make an informed response regarding the education of the child. After narrowing down on the general area the person is interested in researching and they have an idea of the kind of philosophy that would best suit the child and by reaching out to other parents they can get some recommendations for quality settings in the area. Where To Start with Classes and More

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4 Benefits of VoIP Telephone Systems for Small Businesses Thanks to an IP PBX system Abu Dhabi businesses use, you can link all your phones to each other as well as to the extensive Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). In this day and age, PBX phone networks have advanced, with small businesses moving from the conventional wired analogue phone infrastructure onto digital networks that harness Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Shifting to VoIP phone systems brings about numerous small business benefits, including: 1. Versatility of Communications Concerning the need for employees to communicate amongst themselves and with customers, the modern office atmosphere demands versatility and more options. With a versatile IP telephone system, all your business communication requirements are addressed. For example, the system lets you connect with your customers from wherever you may be, thanks to features like call forwarding and voicemail to email transcription. Any small business that hopes to attain synchronized operations from any location will need an IP phone system.
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2. Business Expansion Growth
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You’re expecting that your small business will expand in future and communication requirements will rise every step of the way. Yet, traditional business phone systems cannot allow the easy upgrading of features or addition of users. Courtesy of an IP phone system, you don’t need a radical transformation of your business communication systems in order to meet the dynamic business communication requirements, including the introduction of new telephone users. 3. Improvement of Efficiency and Productivity When your staff is not relying on efficient processes, for instance, outdated integration of customer relationship management systems as well as call center software, you may incur losses in areas like low productivity of employees and customers that don’t get the quality they expect in your services. You can change all that with a VoIP telephone system that has the capacity to get rid of a complicated confusion of separate processes and reorganize/integrate core processes, making it possible for employees to hit optimal productivity levels and customers to enjoy a higher quality of services. 4. Lower Costs With the way an analogue system functions, it is hard to avoid numerous costs. For example, local and long distance call charges as well as costs for maintaining sophisticated communication systems are usually linked to such phones. By installing the appropriate IP telephone equipment, you can get around these costs and appreciably check your small company’s communication and maintenance costs. Remember that it is possible to have a third party host your IP phone system, avoiding costs associated with in-house configurations. As such, you will not need to employ and pay an internal equipment maintenance team. You won’t lose a thing when you utilize an IP phone system for small businesses. The long term communication benefits your business will enjoy are certainly worth a switch to a VoIP system.

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Tips for Getting Kids Computer Desks Children of all ages learn computer skills and seem to have a better understanding of computers and their technologies even more so than some adults and learn computer skills nowadays. With the curiosity about computer information expanding, parents are also keen for their children to start learning about computers early in life and most parents who are able to do that, buy a PC for their kids for home use. It is usually safer to buy these kids computer desks instead of them being forced to utilize their parents’ PC table or a dining table that’s much more suitable for grownups. Kids’ desks can be found in attractive designs and colors to suit children of ages and are often reasonably priced. Most of those desks have space-saving apparatus that enable them to store their books, files, and other stationery without needing to resort to tables and other cabinets which would be an additional cost for the parents. Normally made from strong material for rough use, kids computer desks come with all the processor compartment, the tray for the keyboard, space or stand to hold the printer and enough space to keep the screen along with having sufficient space for books and writing content and is typically designed with rollers so the desk could be transferred easily when the need arises.
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Children also need lots of room to work, and also a place where they can put their creative energies to work and call their own. A desk with lots of drawers, cubby holes and places to keep their stuff will work well for kids that will can find things easily each time they need something instead of having to run around trying to find things which break their attention as well making them lose interest. Hence kid’s computer tables that are “all-in-one” would be the ideal table for youngsters to have.
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If the chamber is small and space constrained, the best type of kids’ computer desks would be the sort that can be fixed in a corner, thus saving plenty of space usually made in the ‘L’ shape. It is also easier to decide on a place that keeps the computer safe from the elements as well as from dust and damp, when assigning space for a kids’ PC desks. Kids Computer desks in Honey and Walnut is beautifully finished with keyboard shelf on ball bearing slides. It has one metal leg to help keep it firm and Hutch and a shelf for binders, books along with other stationery. Choosing the right kids computer desk that is right will set the stage for their future studies. From his youthful days keep everything in order for easy access, and he’ll learn to organize his work space.

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How Can Using Solar Energy Impact the Environment? Without a doubt, that reduction in the pollution is one of the greatest benefits of using the solar energy panels. You don’t have to be an avid ecologist in order to realize the graveness of problems in the environment that is affecting our world at the present time. The escalating level of pollution, the crisis in fuel as well as changes in the climate, all of these things definitely has an impact to each and every one of us. There is no point in refuting either their significance, or our accountability in causing and maintaining them. On the other hand, the benefits don’t limit to just the effects on the environment even though they are very relevant. There are also other benefits in utilizing the solar energy that refer to energy independence, maintenance as well as costs. Whether you are concerned in this kind of energy source because of a remarkable environmental concner or you are more enticed to the notion of money saving or low cost energy, choosing the solar energy can prove to be an incredibly smart idea. In the succeeding parts of the article, you will be able to know a comprehensive list that contains that most essential reasons on why you should take advantage of solar energy so that you will have a more complex picture of the reason what makes it an important and attractive alternative to the fossil fuel energy. With a bigger perspective ever than before, you may be able to generate a more informed and wiser decision.
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1. Safeguarding the environment. We begin with the list of benefits with the most vital one, its effects on the environment. There is no secret on the fact that over exploitation of the resources of the earth that are not renewable will eventually lead to their rarity, then to higher value and eventually to extreme pollution. Keep in mind that we can’t depend forever on the fossil fuels in order to generate energy since this resource is non-renewable. Aside from this, the continual burning of the fossil fuels will lead to an even graver pollution than today and this certainly has an influence on the climate as well as health of the people. As a result, it is highly recommended that you turn to a renewable, healthy, safe, and clean source of energy.
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a. the solar energy can be renewed. one of the first benefits is the fact that solar energy is a renewable type of energy and that we can solely depend on it forever. The sun will keep on shining. Hence, it will not diminish.

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What you Should Know about Anti Aging You can actually age gracefully through the use of anti aging. The fact cannot be denied that every person will go through the aging process. When a person will start to age, the fact cannot be denied that he will be going through some changes. This also means that you need to accept the fact that your face will reflect your age. But this is the main reason as to why you are now able to see a lot of anti aging remedies in today’s time. The most basic fact that you need to know about the use of the anti aging remedies is that this will not stop your aging process. You will be able to gracefully age instead when you make use of the anti aging remedies. Therefore, there is now no need for you to feel and look old when you enter the old age. You can actually make use of a lot of aging approaches and strategies so that the signs of aging may be combated. There are a lot of aging approaches and strategies that you will be able to choose from and some of which are found below. The prevention of diseases is as a matter of fact one of the most effective ways for you to stay young. The only option that you have left so that you will be able to stop sickness and disease is to live a healthier life and longer life.
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Another effective method in order for you to be able to stay young is through exercising. One of the many things that science has been able to prove is the fact that exercising is capable of making your DNA younger.
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Food is another way for you to stay young. The body is in need of raw materials so that it will be able to make sure that everything is functioning right and so that damages will be fixed. The healthy foods is actually the best source for you to be able to get these raw materials. For you to stay away from the unhealthy foods will mean that there is less cleaning up of the body that it has to do. Sleep is another way for you to stay young. It is important that you will be able to get enough sleep so that you will be able to live longer and avoid diseases. For you to consider your sleep to be of great importance is as a matter of fact a very important thing to do. You also need to make sure that you will take good care of your skin to stay young.

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Jacob Zuma: From an Uneducated Herd Boy to a President Zuma, A Biography is an amazing story of a herd boy who beat all odds to become president of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, (2009-current). He’s the third president of South Africa who was democratically elected, the others being Thabo Mbeki and the world-famous Nelson Mandela. Both Mbeki and Mandela were presidents who are educated in the best educational institutions graduating as economist and barrister respectively. Zuma was born on the 12th of April 1942 to the Zuma family at Nkandla, a rural area situated in the state of KwaZulu-Natal the birth place of the Shaka Zule, the great Zulu King. Zuma was the first son to Nobhekisisa Zuma, and Gcinamazwi, his second wife. Zuma’s father was a policeman and his mother a domestic worker. Jacob Zuma’s dad died when he was still too young. He recalls nothing of his dad. In the book, a portrait of Zuma as a man of contradictions emerges. He’s at ease in his leopard skin apparel embedded in Zulus deep cultural roots. He is a proud polygamous man and also an intelligent modern politician. He’s known for his smile and affable demeanour. Yet, he’s equally eloquent in discussions and the international arena through the intricacies of global economy with no hint that his formal greatest standard of education remains the primary school level.
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In this unauthorized biography, veteran journalist Jeremy Gordin takes us through the journey of Jacob Zuma – from his humble beginnings as a herd boy, trade unionist, political prisoner (with Nelson Mandela), exile life and of course his determination to become president of South Africa.
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Gordin paints a picture of a man whose life was never destined for greatness. Zuma spent his childhood years as a herd boy and never had a chance to complete his primary level. Zuma’s family was poor, if not impoverished. However, it was his mother’s work as a domestic worker in the Durban white suburbia that introduced the harsh truths of apartheid to Jacob Zuma. Gordin takes us through Zuma’s political roll-coaster ride from his dismissal from the deputy presidency to his election as the ANC president in 2007 and his rise to top office – that of the country’s president. Zuma conquered Mbeki his political nemesis in the hotly contested party election in 2007. He later presided over his party’s national executive committee meeting in 2008 that determined to request Mbeki to resign in the presidency, only six months prior to the end of his term of office. Mbeki agreed to step down with an emotional televised address to the country.